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Multitool on Jet 6″bench grinder



Multitool attachment on jet 6″ bench grinder

The jet bench grinder with 2×36 belt sander Just plug it in. It’s Much More than a traditional belt sander, this versatile tool has a belt speed of approximately 5,400 surface feet per minute. removes material up to 5 times faster than with the equivalent grit grinding wheel. 4 work surfaces allows you to sand shape deburr polish and descale. Furthermore quick belt changes and 3m abrasives make this the most useful tool in your shop. Knife makers, farriers all love Multitool.

The patented Rubber Contact Wheel, the rubber wheel gives a nice smooth feeling with no chatter when you are using it to grind unlike the stone wheel. 2.The top platen gives you a flat surface to grind on, it is great for a surface to sharpen your knives, scissors, screwdrivers, lawnmower blades, or even getting a nice flat even area for tubing or any metal or wood. 3.The free strap contours to the material you are grinding. If you are grinding a piece of exhaust tubing or any type of tubing this is the best spot to do so.










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Weight 47 lbs


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