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Multitool MT484 Attachment

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Multitool has been teaching old grinders new tricks for almost 40 Years. Multitool is the original inventor of the grinder attachment, instantly

Our largest 4×48 attachment mated to any 1HP or greater grinder will make you an unstoppable project master! The additional length and width of the 4×48 attachment provide loads of surface area. The extra long and extra wide precision top platen is for straightening, flat finishing, or profiling large pieces. Additionally the longer belt length offers increased belt wrap on the underside slack belt surface for external contouring and blending.  The front contact wheel can be used for smooth controlled grinding, contouring, or internal finishing. The large 7 inch disc sander on the side offers plenty of surface area to work with for beveling, deburring, squaring and general sanding.

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Multitool  MT4x48  Attachment

Multitool attachment  is our  one selling item. The Multitool 4×48 in bench grinder attachment. It features a 4×48 in” belt and a 7in” Pressure sensitive adhesive disc. The Disc removes metal five times faster then a Stone wheel does. The belt gives you three separate work surfaces to use, 1.The patented Rubber Contact Wheel, the rubber wheel gives a nice smooth feeling with no chatter when you are using it to grind unlike the stone wheel. 2.The top platen gives you a flat surface to grind on, it is great for a surface to sharpen your knives, scissors, screwdrivers, lawnmower blades, or even getting a nice flat even area for tubing or any metal or wood. 3.The free strap contours to the material you are grinding. If you are grinding a piece of exhaust tubing or any type of tubing this is the best spot to do so.

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Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 10 × 10 in



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