Multitool 2" x 48" Belt 7" Disc - Grinder Attachmnet

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Multitool 2×48  grinder attachment

Multitool attachment  is our  one selling item. The Multitool 2×48 in bench grinder attachment. It features a 2×48 in” belt and a 7in” Pressure sensitive adhesive disc. The Disc removes metal five times faster then a Stone wheel does. The belt gives you three separate work surfaces to use, 1.The patented Rubber Contact Wheel, the rubber wheel gives a nice smooth feeling with no chatter when you are using it to grind unlike the stone wheel. 2.The top platen gives you a flat surface to grind on, it is great for a surface to sharpen your knives, scissors, screwdrivers, lawnmower blades, or even getting a nice flat even area for tubing or any metal or wood. 3.The free strap contours to the material you are grinding. If you are grinding a piece of exhaust tubing or any type of tubing this is the best spot to do so.